Top 28 historic battle reenactments this year

Relive the past in this list of 28 historic battle reenactments happening across the country this year including Revolutionary War reenactments, Civil War reenactments, French and Indian War reenactments, WWI and WWII battle reenactments and more.  

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The Battle for the Airfield - A WWII re-enactment in Hudson, MA

The Battle for the Airfield is an annual World War II battle re-enactment organized by the Collings Foundation in Hudson, MA. Featuring over 300 re-enactors representing several branches of Allied and Axis military as well as fully restored military equipment... 

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Tour of The 17th Century Archives at the Registry of Deeds | The History List

Thanks to John Buckley, Register of Deeds, for coming in on a Saturday and giving our group an opportunity to see these rare documents. And thanks to Michael Shire for this video.... 

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