A rare printing of the Declaration of Independence—A personal tour with Seth Kaller

As part of a special event to mark the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, an exhibition of historic documents was held at the Grand Masonic Lodge in Boston. Many of these were provided by Seth Kaller, the leading dealer in historic American documents. Seth took me through some of the highlights and I recorded my conversation with him.

We started with a rare printing of the Declaration of Independence. In addition to the historical background on the printing, Seth had an interesting perspective on the relevance of the Declaration to today and how to think about it as we look ahead to the Semiquincentennial in 2026 and beyond.

More information on this document is at Seth’s site. I’ll also post my discussion with Seth about the other two documents, and when I do, I’ll add links here.

We offer several different historic versions of the Declaration through The History List Store:

My thanks to Seth for taking me through the exhibit and doing so in a way that I could share what he said with you.

— Lee Wright | Founder | The History List | History Camp | The Pursuit of History

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