July 28, 2013

How history authors, experts, and costumed interpreters can promote their appearances with The History List

We've just made it even quicker to add your events and your profile page.

Yes, The History List includes hundreds of organizations and their events.  (In fact, today it's the largest list of history-related events going on across the country.  We also publish the largest list of history and preservation conferences for professionals.)

However, individual presenters, such as authors, filmmakers, and lecturers, performers, costumed interpreters, musicians, artisans and craftsmen, and other experts who present history-related programs can take full advantage of The History List by using an Organization page and listing themselves as the “organization" and then adding their events.

There are two requirements: These must be scheduled events, such book tours, lectures, or programs or exhibits at an historical society, history museum, or historic site, and they must be directly relate to history.

It's three simple steps:

1.Sign in—Login to The History List with Facebook for immediate access or request a free account on The History List.
2.Click “Add events”--When you enter your events, list yourself as the organization presenting them.  These must be scheduled events and they must relate to history.
3.When you’re finished, complete your organization page.  The events you added will already be listed at the bottom of your page.

As with listings for organizations, there is no cost. 

The slides that follow walk through this and provide tips and examples.  If you are unsure of whether your program, event, or exhibit belongs on The History List, ask us.

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