January 22, 2013

Featuring your event photo on The History List

Updated January 1, 2014

You can submit a photo to appear as one of the panoramic photos at the top of the pages throughout The History List.  Our goal is to represent the wide range of organizations and events included on The History List.  This includes different types of organizations and events, different eras represented, and different seasons and geographies.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Shows your facility, site or event. 
  • Whatever is shown should be listed on The History List.
  • Not a typical PR or marketing shot. 
  • Does have people engaged in activities, which could be as simple as looking at an exhibit or as involved as participating in a large-scale reenactment.
  • No people looking at the camera.  No one posed.
  • Large enough that we can crop to the pano format.  Keep in mind the logo that covers up part of the left side of the picture.  (Just send the large image;  we will handle the cropping.)
  • You must own the rights to the photo.

If you have one or two that meet these guidelines, send them in.  Include the text that explains the picture—we will modify the text as-needed—and include a link to the event or organization page on The History List.  Photos selected will include a link to the event or organization page on The History List.

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