The Civil War in Missouri

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The Civil War in Missouri
November 12, 2011 - June 2, 2013

Missouri may best reflect the Civil War’s rending of our nation. Prior to the Civil War, the state was bitterly divided between pro-slavery secessionists and those determined to preserve the Union. The Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott Case and the Missouri-Kansas border conflicts exposed the simmering tensions. Claimed by both the Union and the Confederacy, two state governments grappled for control of Missouri.

Today, Missouri and its role in the Civil War continue to generate controversy among historians, academics and Civil War enthusiasts. To commemorate the Civil War sesquicentennial--and to explore the complexities of the Civil War in the twenty-fourth state--the Missouri History Museum’s comprehensive exhibit, The Civil War in Missouri, will feature compelling artifacts, imagery and interactive elements. Although the exhibition addresses issues with which our entire nation wrestled, topics that are distinctively Missourian will take center stage.

The Civil War in Missouri is presented by Emerson. Additional support is provided by Wells Fargo Advisors and William T. Kemper Foundation – Commerce Bank, Trustee.

(PLEASE NOTE: Exhibition dates are subject to change. Confirm dates prior to your museum visit.)