Missouri History Museum

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The Missouri History Museum seeks to deepen the understanding of past choices, present circumstances, and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of the community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.

In 2001, the Missouri History Museum adopted six core values.  The core values are as follows:

Civil Society: The Missouri History Museum is committed to fostering a strong and healthy community.

Empathy: The Missouri History Museum will facilitate experiences that encourage people to consider the perspective of others

Inspiration: The Missouri History Museum is committed to using its assets to foster an environment that nurtures spirituality as a crucial component of a strong community.

Integrity: The Missouri History Museum will earn the public's trust by demonstrating integrity in all we do.

Remembrance: The Missouri History Museum will facilitate public examination of the past to engender mutual appreciation of differing points of view, discovery of shared meaning and expansion of the common ground and shared future that bind us.

Stewardship: The Missouri History Museum will reflect the fundamental obligation of every generation to leave this community, region and world in better condition for those who will next inherit them.

Discover the Missouri History Museum's offerings of intriguing and exciting exhibits and superb archival resources; quality programming that includes lectures, gallery tours, special events; presentations by visiting theater groups and other guests; excellent food at Bixby's and unusual gifts at Louisiana Purchase. You will also find the common ground we offer our region's community, an opportunity to participate in the discussion and the decision-making processes that will make this metropolitan region better for future generations and a better place for us today.