January 10, 2013

Call for entries: The History List Guide to Summer Camps and Programs at Historic Sites and Institutions

Following on the heels of the holiday campaign to raise awareness of holiday events and programs at historic sites and institutions, we are going to compile . . .The History List Guide to Summer Camps at Historic Sites and Institutions

The History List Guide to Summer Camps and Programs at Historic Sites and Institutions

An estimated eight million kids attend a summer camp.  With so many great summer programs for kids at historic sites and institutions, we want to raise awareness so their parents can select a program that will . . .

"Make it a summer they'll never forget!"

To participate, simply add your event using the "Add events" link above and check the "Kids camp" box near the bottom of the form, as shown in this screenshot. 

You'll need to be signed in first.Entering your organization's summer camp on The History List  For immediate access, sign in with Facebook, or you can request a free account on The History List.

Once signed in, you have essentially unlimited space for text, pictures, and video.

It's copy-and-paste simple, and anyone—staff, interns, or volunteers—can enter or edit.  This means that one person can enter information and later another person can update the listing without having to get the account information for the person who originally made the entry.  (See several examples of organization and event entries.)

In the coming days you'll see a green appear next to your listing.  We'll also add links that make it easy for anyone to see a list of the summer programs and sort them by distance to travel and by date.


  • What is the definition of "summer camp or program?"  Any multi-day program for kids.  It doesn't have to involve tents or The icon for entries on The History List that are summer campsinclude sleeping overnight.  Yes, the icon shows a tent, but it's not meant to be literal.  (If you can come up with an icon we use instead of this one, we'll sing your praises and send you a t-shirt.  We tried dozens before settling on this one.  The icon has to be easily recognizable and telegraphic at the very small size we use, and consistent with the design of the site.  If you have one that meets those criteria, send it in.)
  • What about the "at historic sites and institutions" part? Similar to our criteria for The History List as a whole, if someone would be puzzled as to why your organization and "camp" are listed here, even after reading the description, then it probably doesn't belong.
    • We have a traditional sleep-away summer camp in the mountains that's been in operation in the same place every summer since 1912.  Unless the site is historic in some way or something involving history is a significant part of the summer program, it's probably not a fit.
    • We have a week-long summer arts program in our National Register-listed property.  Being in that setting one would think that the attendees would gain an appreciation for the historic structure and perhaps the history behind it even if the  program itself doesn't have anything to do with history.  Many historic properties use special events and programs to generate the revenue necessary to remain viable.  Increasing awareness of those is one of the main goals of The History List, so please add your organization and summer camp.
    • We have a one-day program for kids at our history museum every Friday during the summer.  While that surely must be fun for the children who participate, it's definitely different than what one expects from a list of camps, which would be programs that are typically four to seven days long.  So list your event, just don't check the "Camp" box.
  • How do I make my program stand out?  Create a complete, detailed listing for your organization and your summer camp, including text, pictures, and even video.  You have essentially unlimited space to add as much as you wish.  Explain your program and answer the key questions parents and kids might have.  There will be a place to include a link to your site for more information.
  • How do I report a listing that shouldn't be included?  Send us a message or click on the "Flag" link at the bottom of the listing.
  • I had a great experience at the camp I attended and want to let others know about the program.  Outstanding.  Add your comment in the "Comments" area at the near the bottom of the listing.  Go into detail.  Others who are considering this program will be glad you did.

If you have questions or suggestions at any point, please let us know.  Finally, if you're involved with these types of programs, you'll enjoy these bumper stickers we wished we saw.

The entire list of summer camps and programs is at www.TheHistoryList.com/camps.

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