The Telephone Museum, Inc.

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The Telephone Museum, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) Public Charity Teaching Museum.

Donations are TAX Deductible.

The museum offers children and young adults an inspirational opportunity to discover electricity and engineering with old and new telephones. The museum fosters enthusiasm for engineering by leveraging America’s remarkable telephone history with educational programs that compare modern day telecommunications to vintage technology. The museum’s telephone collection is the focal point of this effort, and in conjunction with a modern laboratory, serves to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit which gave birth to the telephone and continues to drive today’s inventors and innovators.


When you were a kid, did you take stuff apart just to find out what was inside?

The insides of today's stuff is harder to see without specialized instruments, so we tear apart old analog phones to see the componentry that converts voice to electric current and back again. Then we compare this seemingly larger than life componentry of the 19TH century to today's semiconductor based versions. All things being equal, Ohm's Law is why smartphones work the same way as a candlestick phone. Furthermore, Ohm's Law is fundamental to all circuit design including smartphone RF and Logic circuit designs. So, in the spirit of taking stuff apart that is meaningful, we offer telephone workshops gratis to all.

DIY Handsets

Radiation detectors measure around 30 microvolts/meter (µV/m) in normal surroundings. Microwave ovens reach 800 µV/m. Wi-Fi routers use the same radiation technology. Loading a film on a tablet PC reaches 2,000 µV/m. Some of the world's best selling smartphones register over a thousand times above normal levels to 40,000 µV/m. So, because radiation damages kids twice as much as adults, we make our own handsets in the workshops for use on all cellphones and smartphones.


We Found a Home

We need space to house the telephones and equipment and to establish a permanent space for the workshops. Up to now, our workshops have been "roadshows" where we go to schools and set up. But we have found an old church just outside of Boston as a great location to build such a dedicated space where we can also hold public lectures, education programs, film screenings, book signings, and other special events.

We Need Some Funds

If we can raise $350,000.00 we will be able to renovate, move in, and cover expenses for one year. This is an opportunity for you to help create an environment where young kids can get involved in electricity and engineering in a hands-on and meaningful way by taking stuff apart. Please consider helping us - thank you.