John Hancock Manor

24 Beacon St, Boston, Massachusetts

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From the inscription:

Here stood the residence of John Hancock; a prominent and patriotic merchant of Boston. The first signer of the Declaration of Independence and First Governor of Massachusetts under the State Constitution.
Erected 1757 - Removed 1863


The Manor was built between 1734 and 1737 by Joshua Blanchard for the wealthy merchant Thomas Hancock (1703–1764). It was the first house to be erected on the top of Beacon Hill west of the summit and stood alone with no westward neighbor until around 1768.

The Hancock Manor's demolition spurred a historic preservation movement that would help save buildings like the Old South Meeting House, the Old State House and the Hancock-Clarke House within the next few decades. An 18" x 21" bronze plaque, located on the iron wall below the State House's marble west wing, indicates the mansion's former location.

A replica of the building, known as the Hancock House, was constructed in Ticonderoga, New York in 1926 from the original plans, for use as a museum; it is still in use, presently as the home of the Ticonderoga Historical Society.




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