Wildhorse Native American Association

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The Wildhorse Native American Association, sponsors of the annual Whitehorse Pow Wow in Lawndale, CA was formed to give urban Native American Youth in the Los Angeles area an opportunity to learn about traditional values like drumming, singing, and dancing. We teach Northern Traditional songs, dance styles, regalia making, arts and crafts, and ceremonial activities. We provide opportunities for young people to perform, to participate in pow wows and to contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

Wildhorse singers and dancers are first and foremost an intertribal pow wow drum group. We participate in community events, we teach youth culturally appropriate behavior surrounding the drum, pow wows and traditional Native American activities.

We support Native American inmates in the California Department of corrections facilities throughout the state. We do this by visiting the inmates, bringing them various aspects of our culture and by performing for them. This program contributes to the reduction of recidivism by creating a connection for the inmates to their traditional community and values. It also serves as a deterrent to inappropriate and illegal behaviors for our older youth who in visiting the prisons can clearly see the consequences of illegal and inappropriate behaviors.

We conduct cultural exchange programs by traveling nationally and internationally and performing songs and dances for other groups. We have performed at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and corporations. We have marched in parades and participated in community events locally and across the united states.

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