Tallow River Trappers

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Tallow River Trapper has their own campsite below Fort Lancaster in Fort Lupton, Colorado. They have 6 rondy’s a year and welcome all. The Tallow River Trappers is the living history branch of the South Platte Valley Historical Society. Although the TRT supports and coordinates its activities with the South Platte Valley Historical Society, the organization has its own officers, funding and newsletter, the “Dispatch”.

The lower portion of the South Platte Valley Historic Park, along the South Platte River, is dedicated to rendezvous and primitive camping. This area is partially wooded. Water is available on site, as is limited firewood and “Hooters.” In order to protect the grounds for future users, above-ground fire pits are required for campfires. An area is designated for “tin tipis” for those not wishing to go primitive.

The purpose of each rendezvous held at the South Platte Valley Historic Park is to recreate the look and feel of the late fur trade era, rather than to recreate a specific event. The Tallow River Trappers in conjunction with the South Platte Valley Historical Society holds three major rendezvous through out the year.. The Frozen Toes Rendezvous is the first rendezvous of the year and is held the last weekend in February. The Lancaster Restoration Rendezvous is held Memorial Day Weekend. Finally, the Trapper Days Rendezvous held on the weekend following Labor Day coincides with the town of Fort Lupton’s Trapper Days Celebration. Day time activities at these events include shooting, tomahawk and knife throwing on the range, a woods walk, and fire starting contests add to the fun of the rendezvous.

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