Spring Mill State Park Pioneer Village

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Spring Mill State Park Pioneer Village in Mitchell, Indiana is the venue of the Spring Mill State Park Civil War Winter Battle (February) and the Spring Mill Civil War Reenactment Weekend (June). Spring Mill State Park and the 44th Tennessee Company K Civil War Reenactors invite you to join them at these historical reenactments of the American Civil War.

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This is a restored Pioneer Village, founded in 1814 that consists of 20 historic buildings to explore. The centerpiece of the village is a 3-story limestone gristmill, built in 1817, that still grinds cornmeal today. Heritage interpreters portray the year 1863 and demonstrate period crafts and visitors will not only get to visit with the interpreters, but also the soldiers from 44th Tennessee Company that will be fighting in the civil war reenactment.

Spring Mill State Park offers a powerful illustration of the link between the natural and cultural worlds. The water flowing from several cave springs led to the founding of an industrial village in the early 1800s. Pioneer entrepreneurs took advantage of a constant water source that never froze, using it to power several gristmills, a wool mill, a saw mill, and a distillery. In turn, pioneer settlers shaped the landscape around the village, clearing land for agriculture and timber. All park facilities have seasonal operations so be sure to contact the park for current operating hours.

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