Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders

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Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders are located in the heart of the Flint Hills near Manhattan Kansas. The club was organized in the spring of 1978 and officially became an N.R.A. sanctioned shooting club in the winter of that year. In January of 1999, after 20 plus years as Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders, the club incorporated to become Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders Inc. The club’s main goal is to promote the sport of muzzleloading and to preserve our American heritage. They provide black powder shooters and others with an interest in the pre-1840 lifestyle a place to gather for friendly competitive shooting and good conversation.

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The club holds a monthly shoot on the second Sunday of each month at the monthly range near Manhattan Kansas. We also hold several special events, including our Muzzleloading Shooting Sports Camp, and the well known “Frozen Butt” Rendezvous at the clubs main range, The Corndodger Station, near Frankfort Kansas.

We believe that to get people to come and attend your event you need to go and support theirs. Using this philosophy over the years has made us one of the most widely recognized clubs in the area. The members of Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders attend at least 9 or 10 area rendezvous a year. When they attend a rendezvous they typically bring 15 to 20 shooters and 10 to 12 camps. This level of participation has been the inspiration behind the organization of several new muzzleloading clubs. Kaw Valley is proud to have been able to help get them started in the right direction. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As a club aimed at having fun while promoting our beloved sport of muzzleloading, Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders has always tried to be somewhat different. We pride ourselves on coming up with new and innovative ways to add life to the sport. The addition of moving targets, pop up targets, well-hidden targets, and just plain difficult targets should always be expected at a Kaw Valley event. This philosophy adds an element of challenge and excitement to all of our shoots. It has also made us the topic of conversation around many a campfire. Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders wouldn’t have it any other way.