Genealogical Society of Bergen County, NJ

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Welcome to Bergen County — we’d love to show you around!

The Genealogical Society of Bergen County, NJ (GSBC) is dedicated to the study and preservation of family history — and particularly those who helped shape Bergen County.

We bring family researchers together, on-site and online, to share research experiences and genealogical information in an environment of mutual support.

Since Bergen County’s founding, its history has been integral to that of the greater NYC area. Originally, Bergen County encompassed a much larger geographic area than its present borders, and included present-day Hudson County, NJ (1840), parts of Passaic County, NJ (1837), and even parts of southern New York State!

For genealogists, knowing how to pinpoint their families among evershifting community and county boundaries is a skill unto itself. Whether you’re researching an ancestor who came through Ellis Island or one who settled the “NJ frontier” before the Revolutionary War, the GSBC may have surprises in store for you.

For those able to join us in person, we hold regular programs and events including lectures featuring nationally-known guest speakers, films, roundtable discussions, an annual seminar, classes, a fun and informative annual lock-in event, and a number of social events where researchers can get to know each other and share experiences.

But a GSBC membership goes far beyond events. We also provide personal research assistance and look-up services for vital records and family files in the collection. Our members also create original Bergen-focused research and compile newspaper and map indexes — which are found nowhere else! 

Our organization is a highly efficient one. Our passionate and dedicated volunteers and working relationship with The Bolger Heritage Center at the Ridgewood Public Library (RPL), in Ridgewood, NJ, help maximize every dollar of our members’ contributions.


Please see our website for events, one-to-one consultations and look-up services.