Fourwinds Lodge

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Fourwinds Lodge, sposor of the annual New Years Eve Red Road Pow Wow in Fresno, works with organizations and community members to bring about healing from substance abuse, violence and negative behaviors that influence our children and adults. Four Winds Lodge has embraced the teaching of the White Bison Wellbriety movement to all who ask for help in finding a new different direction life.

Fourwinds Lodge also teaches youth in schools, colleges and other organizations about respect for parents, elders and the community. Respect for our community is very important because without it, we are alone which may lead us down the wrong path. Fourwinds Lodge also teaches respect for nature, which is so important, because of the delicate balance between people and nature.

Fourwinds Lodge shares with everyone with whom we come in contact with, the Native American culture and philosophy of living together for the betterment of our community, country and the world around us. We teach the community through ceremonies, stories and legends of long ago about respecting our planet, its people, and all living things made by our Creator.

We organize activities, like the New Years Eve Red Road Pow Wow, that bring individuals and families together to learn, share and have fun. Our organization has been involved with the United Way of Fresno California and the United States Marine Corp’s “Toys For Tots Campaign” for over twelve years in the city of Fresno California. We also sponsor a local elementry school and assist a large community with the on going collection of “Box Tops for Education” to help the school’s programs with funding.

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