Anasazi Free Trappers

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The Anasazi Free-Trappers was formed by a diverse group of “TRUE BUCKSKINNERS” who hold fast to the “True Buckskinning Spirit” and commit our personal lives to that spirit of freedom and liberty. We are a unique group of people who believe in preserving, through re-enactments, the Pre-1840 history of the buckskinning/fur trade era, with its visionary perseverance of those who explored the unknown regions of the American West, their skills and their arts of survival, their games and their crafts; as well as the camaraderie of fellow buckskinners. We are very fortunate that our members possess a great variety of these skills and are willing to share them with others.

The Anasazi Free Trappers are privileged to have our own permanent site of 120 acres at approximately 5000 feet elevation, located at the base of the pristine Pine Valley Mountains in Southern Utah. Our site’s name is Stone Cliff Canyon and is nestled among the piñon pines and juniper/cedar trees; it has a panoramic view of the mountains and easy access to the site from a main highway.

As a member of the Trapping Party some of your benefits are: access to the site 365 days a year for camping, the shoot ranges etc, being able to purchase black powder supplies at group rates, access to the Trappers library with books, patterns, videos etc, the members’ knowledge of gunsmithing, tanning, clothiers, primitive bow making, primitive camp gear, weavery, trekking etc.. Yes, we are a very diverse group of buckskinners.

We encourage all our members to research and choose personas and periods that interest them and to fashion their camps and select clothing to fit that time period. Some members choose the Eastern Longhunter style, or the Colonial period, some enjoy the Western Buckskin style of camp and clothing while others have chosen the Southwest period of dress. If it is pre-1840 it is acceptable. Period dress is encouraged but not required to compete in any of the events. Some of our members elect to simply enjoy the camaraderie of good friends, the family activity or just the camp. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate, and are a big part of preserving and carrying on the Buckskinning spirit!

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