Abolition Acre

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Abolition Acre celebrates the many activists in Boston, Massachusetts who fought to end slavery in the U.S.

Abolition Acre refers to a compact area of downtown Boston where leading abolitionists lived and worked during the early decades of the 19th century.

Conceived and developed by Beacon Hill Scholars, a voluntary group of local historians, the project includes a self-guided walking tour and plans for a commemorative and educational exhibit on or near City Hall Plaza. We focus on three of the most important figures in Boston’s early abolitionist community: two Black and largely unheralded, David Walker and Maria Stewart; and one white and relatively well-known, William Lloyd Garrison.  

The project will make an extraordinary period of our history come alive for both Bostonians and visitors. It will also contribute to an increased understanding of the context for the ongoing local struggle for racial justice.

More information: www.abolitionacre.com; Peter Snoad, Coordinator, psnoad@yahoo.com, (617) 650-2325