Virginia Voices Documentary Film Presentation

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On Saturday, June 7, at noon, join us in the Robins Family Forum at the VHS to view the trailer for our documentary film, "Virginia Voices" on our brand new movie screen. Meet the producer of our film, Jeff Boedeker, who will present the project and show additional clips from all over the state of Virginia. Learn how you can be a part of our film. The finished film will premiere this fall in the Forum. 

“Virginia Voices” will be a 25-minute short made up of crowdsourced video that will be filmed and submitted by regular citizens.  The VHS will assemble the videos into a single narrative and give audiences an overview of the commonwealth, its people and their stories.  The film is a fully-funded project of the VHS’s wider Story of Virginia Campaign, a $38 million effort that will expand, enhance and renew the Society’s presence both in Virginia and across the nation.