Transforming Boston: What's Next?

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A high percentage of Boston's population move to the city as adults and many have moved here in the last 20 years and knows very little about the city before it was an economic juggernaut. These New Bostonians are often from different parts of the world and increasingly have political and economic power in the city. What lays ahead for planners and politicians who will work with this new community? Large federal planning grants are long gone and the heyday of linkage and private/public partnerships is past, so what are the economic engines to harness in the future. What are the challenges facing planners? Has pressure on housing and open space has replaced concerns about blight in the public discourse and is climate change now a factor for planners and architects?

-John Barros, chief of economic development for Boston
-Marc Draisen, MAPC
-Cassandra Campbell, Fresh Food Generation

Moderator David Luberoff, Boston Area Research Innititative (BARI)

This is part four of our Transforming Boston series. For more information, please visit: