Tower Park Battle

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Tower Park Battle
Tower Park, Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA

[Note: This event happens every other year. ]

A battle in the American Revolution will be demonstrated for the public in this natural amphitheater site.

As the British returned to Boston, there were many skirmishes between Concord and Boston where the Minute Men shot at the retreating British soldiers. If you are a fan of musket shooting, head for Tower Park in Lexington for a big and loud skirmish reenactment.

All told, at the end of the day on April 19, 1775, Great Britain lost 73 men, and had 174 men wounded and 25 were missing. The Americans lost 50 men, had 39 men wounded, and 5 were missing.

Please note: this event is out of the natural sequence of events since it happened originally at the end of the day on April 19, 1775. (Source: Lexington Historical Society)


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