Touched By Conflict: Southeastern Ohio & the Civil War

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Using southeastern Ohio as a model, this exhibit explores events in Ohio leading to the Civil War, local support of the war effort, recruitment, service in various campaigns, and the private lives of both officers and private soldiers as they performed in campaigns in various armies. The exhibit also examines human costs of the conflict on Ohio communities and how veterans were assimilated back into home life following military duty.

Central to the presentation is the use of the collection of Ohioan Larry Strayer. Strayer is one of the foremost collectors of Civil War photographs in the United States. He also has amassed a significant collection of artifacts relating to the war, particularly from communities in southeast Ohio.

This exhibit, a cooperative venture between a number of area institutions and the Ohio Historical Society, highlights the stories of individuals who served in many capacities during the war, including soldiers, women from relief associations, politicians, and members of fraternal organizations and religious support groups.

Created by: Christina Graham