The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont book signing

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Exciting new book: The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont

Book signing with Harvey Amani Whitfield

You'll often find thought-provoking subjects in the books and journals we publish. This newest book introduces revealing new research from Professor Harvey Amani Whitfield.

The Problem of Slavery in Early Vermont, 1777-1810 is to be published by the Vermont Historical Society February 1, 2014.

From T.H. Breen, author of American Insurgency American Patriotism: The Revolution of the People:
"From time to time, an historian comes along and overturns everything we thought we knew about an event in the past. Harvey Amani Whitfield is such a scholar. Employing impressive skills as a historical detective, he has mined the archives to show that contrary to the claims of many respected textbooks, the celebrated Vermont Constitution of 1777 did not in fact end slavery. . . . This is an important contribution to the study of race and racism in Revolutionary America."

Be sure to join us for the unveiling of this new book by the Vermont Historical Society.

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