Summer Adventure Camps

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Summer Adventure Camps 2014  


Connecticut River Museum’s Summer Adventure Camps offer children age 6 to 12 the opportunity to get hands-on in history and science and have some fun learning about the Connecticut River Valley at two historic locations, Bushnell Farm in Old Saybrook and the Museum’s riverfront campus in Essex.

Camp Times:

Monday –Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

After Care 3:00 – 5:00 pm

2014 Camp Schedule:

July 7 – 11  Finding the First Americans

Ages 9—12

Bushnell Farm’s wigwam is the base for this week’s exploration of Connecticut Native American life.  Spend a week exploring the art, culture and daily life of Native Americans in the 1600s. Find out how Native Americans and early settlers related. Help prepare a tree to be a dugout canoe, make a wigwam model, create pottery and other containers, cook on an open fire and much more!

July 14 – 18  Colonial Survival Camp                  

Ages 6—8

Travel back in time and discover what life was like on a colonial farm. Spend the week at historic Bushnell Farm in Old Saybrook investigating colonial life- build a timber frame barn, learn to weave, cook on the open hearth and work in a heritage garden. You’ll also make and play colonial games and be a part of a Market Day.

July 14 – 18  Return to Colonial Life Camp

Ages 9 – 12

Did you survive Colonial Life last summer? Are you ready to return to the past? Come back to beautiful Bushnell Farm for a week of new activities! Leave 2014 behind, and become a member of a colonial community, working and playing with fellow citizens. Try your hand at farming activities, daily chores and woodworking projects. Take part in a school day and cook a meal on the open hearth.

July 21-25    River Explorers            

Ages 6 – 8

Discover what is over, under and along the Connecticut River.  Explore the River and study the fish, plants, birds and animals that call it home.  Try your hand at catching critters using dip and seine nets, learn the River’s story and find out what is around the bend as we journey upstream aboard the Mary E. Finish the week by creating a mini exhibit to share your discoveries!

July 28 – August 1   River Rangers                       

Ages 9 – 12

Exploration and adventure await when you join the River Rangers and challenge yourself to find out all you can about the River.  Spend each day in coves, on islands and on the water, collecting samples, conducting experiments, and building a study lab at the Museum.

August 4-8   Life at Sea                          

Ages 9 – 12

Ahoy Matey! Join our crew and learn the skills of a sailor as you haul lines and navigate the River on the 75 foot historic schooner Mary E. Explore sailor life past and present as you learn how wooden ships were sailed and built and techniques for modern sailing. Perfect your knot tying, sailor slang and shipboard crafts. Design your own boat, test it with models and create a seaworthy vessel that actually holds a person.

August 11-15  Digging into the Past           

Ages 9—12

What treasures lay buried beneath us?  What clues do they reveal about the past?  Join us for a week of discovery and adventure as we search for answers!  Explorations will take us on a behind the scenes discovery at the Lay House, to Nott Island and other mysterious sites.  Using archaeological tools and techniques we will uncover the stories of the past.