Sian Evans With Maiden Voyages: Magnificent Ocean Liners And The Women

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At the peak of summer, join us for an afternoon journey back to the early twentieth century and the Golden Age of Ocean Liners. Inspired by family research – her great-great uncle was a Cunard Chief Officer – Siân Evans documents the journeys of women whose lives were changed by their voyages between the Old World and the New. Some set off for leisure, others, for work; many, to reinvent themselves. They were celebrities, migrants and millionaires, refugees, aristocrats and crew members. Entertaining and informative, Maiden Voyages profiles A-list passengers Marlene Dietrich, Wallis Simpson, and Josephine Baker alongside émigrées in steerage; and, in between, the experiences of the female workers including “The Unsinkable Stewardess” who survived the Titanic disaster. With Evans and award-winning broadcast journalist Robin Young, we’ll explore how transatlantic travel changed society on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.