Second Sunday Series

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Lecture with Mina Carson: Ava Helen Pauling: Partner, Activist, Visionary

The story of Ava Helen Pauling—her rich career as an activist first for civil rights and liberties, then against nuclear testing, and finally for peace, feminism, and environmental stewardship—is best told in the context of her enduring partnership with her famous husband, Linus Pauling. Mina Carson’s long-awaited first biography of Ava Helen Pauling reveals the complex and fascinating history behind one of the great love stories of the twentieth century. Join the author to learn more about Pauling’s fascinating life and career and about what it was like to write her biography.

Mina Carson has written about women’s history from a number of angles, from the settlement house movement to rock and roll to issues of war, peace, and civil rights. She received her PhD in history from Harvard University in 1984 and is an associate professor of history at Oregon State University. The Second Sunday Series is a new public program featuring films, community conversations, and scholarly presentations that are free and open to the public.