Reinventing Boston: A City Engineered (Walking Tour)

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A walk through Boston is a walk through time! The eclectic urban landscape is composed of layers of history whose story is revealed by the clues left behind.

The city has aggressively reinvented itself over and over again to accommodate a growing population, the needs of business and industry, public and private transportation and public health and safety. It is engineered.

From the first subway to Long Wharf through the Big Dig, Boston has led the nation in transforming its cityscape. Even as we walk the narrow streets of the 17th-century town, we approach the newest Boston, a city of giant green spaces and open vistas.

Discover all the layers of Boston and the hows and whys of its changes: the invention of the telephone, the first American subway, the rise and fall of interstate highways, the recovery of the harbor, and perhaps even a forgotten body of water that was once Ben Franklin’s favorite swimming hole.