Preserve Your Family Heirlooms

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Every family’s collection of important objects and papers has a treasure trove of memories and stories to tell. Bring one or two objects or archival materials for a fifteen-minute personal consultation with Historic New England staff. Learn how to best preserve your family’s memories for future generations. Please limit object choices to American or European decorative arts, fine art, furniture, photographs, and archival materials. All items must be easily transportable by one person. We will not be able to accommodate the following items: clocks, contemporary art, firearms and live ammunition, glass, lighting devices, musical instruments, scrimshaw, sculpture, sporting equipment, and toys and games.

Select your object category from architectural drawings and maps, books, ceramics, clothing, cooking tools and utensils, jewelry, household textiles, manuscripts, paintings and prints, photographs, silver, small furniture, and wallpaper.

After you buy your ticket, please email photos of the objects you plan to bring to