Partnership of the Historic Bostons Presents: The Tribes and their relations with Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Date: Wednesday, September 30, at 7:00 pm.  All fall lectures by Zoom.   Registration required: see For More Information link.

Seeking engagement, healing and conciliation, Chief Wampatuck and others will interpret the human experiences of the Indian Nations of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The Massachuset Indian Nation still exists and is requiring government to government accountability through implementing frameworks that no longer externally interfere with state administrative duties, rights and privileges to tribal self determination. The land, from the Merrimack and beyond, south to the Taunton river was shared among the Massachuset Nation which includes todays known surviving tribes: the Mattakeeset, Natick, Ponkapoag and Nemasket of all whom can satisfy the 1859 John Milton Earle report or documents of historical significance.

In the hope that engagement can bring some healing to all communities, Chief Sachem Larry Fisher and other spokespersons will examine the partially-interpreted history of 16th and 17th century Massachusetts, up to the present. We believe all aspects of our common history shall be preserved and remembered together. We recognize that only with inclusion, honesty and honoring our individual and distinctive tribal histories, will we truly achieve our mission: to bring harmony and education to the whole organization receiving this message.


Dr. Larry Fisher, PhD Council Chief Sachem

Dr. Larry L. Fisher traditionally acknowledged to many as Chief Sachem Wompimeequin Wampatuck who bears the traditional name of the late Massachuset Leader Josia Wampatuck. Chief Sachem Fisher comes from a heraldic lineal line of Sachems, including the great Sachem KeenComsett, and his relatives, Wampatuck, Cutshemeequin, Cato and the Grand Sachem Chickatawbut. Chief Fisher is the Presiding Council Chief Sâchem for the Mattakeeset Tribe of the Massachuset Indian Nation and Ambassador Delegate to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on behalf of the Mattakeeset Massachuset. Chief Fisher has fifteen years of experience in Intergovernmental Tribal Relations and serves as an expert on Indigenous Issues at the U.N. As of 2019, Chief Fisher was appointed as the Principal Research Investigator for Bartron Medical Imaging LLC., a tribally owned and operated medical imaging company for R&D along with cancer research.