Making History: King Philip’s War in Documents and Artifacts

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A Trophy from the Wigwam of King Philip When he was Slain in 1676 by Richard. Presented, by Elezr Richard, his Grandson Traditionally known as "King Philip's Samp Bowl"Special Event
Facilitator: Bruce J. Schulman, Boston University

Students of the Boston University course "Making History" discuss the MHS exhibit on King Philip's War they have researched and compiled. The semester-long project on the bloody conflict between English colonists and Native Americans includes work on letters and diaries, sermons, early printed books, and objects from the war.
Bruce J. Schulman is the William E. Huntington Professor and Chair of the History Department at Boston University. His teaching and research concentrate on the history of the modern United States, particularly on the relationships between politics and broader cultural change. Schulman is currently at work on a volume for the Oxford History of the United States covering the years 1896-1929. He lives with his family in Cambridge, Massachusetts.