Maine's Heirloom Apples: An Evening with Pomologist John Bunker

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Maine's Heirloom Apples: An Evening with Pomologist John BunkerJoin us for a seasonally timely, informative, and delicious program about Maine's heirloom apple varieties with pomologist John Bunker, of Fedco Trees in Clinton. John will talk about the history of Maine apples and orchards, as well as the value and challenge of bringing back and cultivating rare heirlooms. You'll also hear about Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association's (MOFGA) 10-acre Maine Heritage Orchard in Unity, which Bunker himself established, and which houses the only collection of apple varieties originating in Maine, and how you can get involved in the project. If you have apples to identify, bring them along. An apple tasting of rare Maine varieties will follow the talk.

John Bunker, who speaks and teaches region-wide, has lived in Palermo on Super Chilly Farm for the past 40 years, where he grows vegetables, woody and herbaceous ornamentals, small fruits, and tree fruits. He coordinates nursery sales for Fedco, the co-op seed and nursery company in Clinton. He is the author of “Not Far From the Tree: A Brief History of the Apples and the Orchards of Palermo, Maine.”