Historic Longboat Interpretative Row

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Dr. Teri Brewer, Coordinating Fellow of La Senora's Academic Fellows Board,  is one of five individuals participating in a unique "longboat" rowing tour of San Diego Bay next week.    Organized by San Diego County Archaeological Society (SDCAS) and the San Diego Maritime Museum, this interpretive tour is part of a 2012 San Diego County program on maritime  archaeology.  

After 'shipping their oars' at Spanish Landing[1], these archaeologists will visit the  replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's flagship, the El Salvador[2], which is currently under construction.

The September 8th  trip honors the anniversary of the Cabrillo Landing (the first noted encounters between local tribes and the Spanish).   Dr. Brewer’s  rowing visit to the San Salvador ‘build site’ is  part of the La Senora  planning for collaboration with the SDCAS and San Diego County 2013 Maritime Program.  It is also  in preparation for a La Senora ‘Friends” field trip in spring 2013 when we will steep ourselves in the history of  San Diego’s Presidio, its Old Town Cemetery and will visit the San Salvador ‘build site’.  Although no rowing is planned for this spring trip, when the San Salvador is finished and visits Los Angeles, those La Senora members interested in rowing a longboat out to visit the ship will join our list.

[1] The shoreline at  Spanish Landing on San Diego Bay is  long thought to be the site of the first encampment by Cabrillo's men on San Diego Bay in  September of 1542. 

The temporary visitor site based around the ongoing  construction  of the replica ship has demonstrations on shipbuilding, blacksmithing and sail making.  It also has  a Native American (Kumeyaay) demonstration area with re-created traditional houses where  native crafts such as tulle boatmaking, basketry  and pottery making are demonstrated.. 


[2] When the San Salvador replica is finished in fall 2013 it will travel the California Coast offering  historical educational programs.   La Senora is planning to collaborate with this project.