Go Tell It on the Mountain: Songs and Stories of Light

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Go Tell It on the Mountain: Songs and Stories of Light

Kim and Reggie bring together storytelling and traditional music, including gospel, folk and classical as well as rock, jazz and pop. The couple uses music and stories to bring the Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement to life in an accessible, understandable way that cuts right to the heart of the issue.

In an evening of story and song, Kim and Reggie share stories and songs from the great African-American storytelling movement, both from Africa and from around the world. Hear classic stories like The People Could Fly and unique, touching stories including Spreading Fingers for Friendship from Suriname.

To learn more about Kim and Reggie Harris, visit www.kimandreggie.com. To watch a video, click here.

This performance is interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing.

For more information on the performer or schedule changes, contact Storytelling Arts of Indiana at (317) 576-9848 or visit www.storytellingarts.org.

Performers are subject to change.

Presented by IHS and Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Sponsored by Andrew D. Hamaker, CPA