Gentlemen Heroes: The American Field Service and Edward Carter Sortwell

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In 1914, as casualties from the outbreak of World War I in Europe began to multiply, a group of brave, dedicated young Americans volunteered to drive ambulances at the front and wherever they were needed. Established by A. Piatt Andrew, the American Field Service (AFS) was made up of college boys, academics, young professionals, artists, and businessmen. Wiscasset's own Edward Carter Sortwell served with honor and died in 1916 while in the AFS. Come hear expert and noted collector William Foley tell the story of this heroic organization and its local connection. Mr. Foley has the largest American Field Service archive and artifact collection in the country. He shares photos, letters, and objects from his collection, which will form the foundation of the exhibition, "Before the Doughboys" coming to the Smithsonian Institution in 2014.

Lecture takes place in the Barn.

Program sponsored by Big Barn Coffee.