Franklin's Thrift: A Classic American Idea for the 21st Century

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Sunday, 7/14/2013 5:00pm - Thursday, 7/18/2013 12:30pm

Event Type: Teacher Workshop
Topic 20th century, Economics
Act 48/CEU Credits Offered
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Say the word "thrift" and people think of Benjamin Franklin and sayings like "a penny saved is a penny earned." Or they might think about grandparents who suffered through the Great Depression and never stopped saving baggies and rubber bands.

What does thrift mean today? What is its relevance in post-Recession America? What does the history of thrift tell us about self-help and cooperative movements in the past? What does thrift have to do with "greening" and gardening and global security today?

Come and learn for yourself about Franklin's three pillars of thrift - Industry, Frugality and Stewardship - at this summer teacher institute. Discover how these ideas apply to 21st-century American life and how you can share them with your students.

HSP in partnership with the Institute for American Values and in consultation with Sally Flaherty of the Pennsylvania Department of Education again will be offering this successful Summer Teacher Institute in 2014. (View photos of the 2013 Institute to learn about Institute activities.) This year's Institute will have two tiers - for returning teachers as well as teachers registering for the first time.

Registration begins March 1, 2013.