Fasanella's Lawrence

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Lawrence Heritage State Park will host an exhibit of paintings by the great urban folk artist Ralph Fasanella, whose work did much to make the Bread and Roses Strike known.  Paintings of Lawrence and the Bread and Roses Strike by Ralph Fasanella will be exhibited in the Gallery at Lawrence Heritage State Park from October 12, 2013 until December 16, 2013.  The Park, which owns "Lawrence 1912:The Bread and Roses Strike" last hosted Fasanella's work in Lawrence in 1987.  Fasanella's paintings about Lawrence and the strike have become some of the most famous images of American Labor History.  The exhibit will highlight Fasanella's presence and legacy in Lawrence, and his ongoing international significance.  It will include drawings, video documentaries about him and his paintings illustrating the widespread impact of his vision.

Fasanella Panel in Lawrence, Then & Now
Saturday, Nov 2, 2013. From 1-4 PM
Featured panelists include:
Mark Fasanella, Professor of Public Art, SUNY at Stony Brook
Paul D'Ambrosio, Chief Curator, Fenimore Museum (& NYSHS)
Ron Carver, founder and director of nonprofit "Public Domain"
Jim Beauchesne, gallery director, Lawrence heritage state park