Dear Old Maine, I'm Coming Back: Home & Hearth Reflected in the Maine Historical Society Sheet Music Collection

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This collection of eye-catching sheet music cover art contains a recurrent theme of Maine and New England as a place to come home to, a place of nostalgia - no matter how far one roams. Whether keeping warm inside by the hearth, or outside enjoying winter scenery, Maine, for many, embodies the idea of winter being a time to return to family roots, and the familiar scenes and traditions of youth.

Whichever holidays you celebrate--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, New Year's Day--the winter season can generate complex emotions, happiness tinged with melancholy, hopefulness mingled with yearning. These themes are expressed in the lyrics you see here, perfect for this time of year when many come home for the holidays, if only in their mind.

This exhibit is curated by Nancy Noble, MHS Archivist, with help from Holly Hurd-Forsyth, MHS Registrar, and is on view in the Shettleworth Lecture Hall.