Cemetery Preservation Workshop: Johnson, Magoffin, Floyd, Martin and Pike counties

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KHS offers an array of workshops and programs to help Kentuckians preserve their local cemeteries. These cemetery preservation workshops, made possible by grant funds from the Steele-Reese Foundation, will include (but not be limited to) discussions on:

(1) Kentucky cemetery laws
(2) Access to family cemeteries
(3) Attorney General’s opinions relating to descendants’ access rights
(4) Deed information and how it relates to the inclusion or exclusion of cemeteries
(5) Preservation efforts, including cleaning, repairing, mapping a cemetery, registration of a cemetery with the Kentucky Historical Society’s Cemetery Preservation Database
(6) Introduction of two new programs: The Kentucky Historical Society’s Pioneer Cemetery Program and the Kentucky Historical Society’s Adopt a Cemetery Program

This workshop covers Johnson, Magoffin, Floyd, Martin and Pike counties, but residents of other counties are welcome to attend.