Cats & Dogs in Art and Life

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Cats & Dogs in Art and Life
September 27, 2012 - April 6, 2013

Portrait and landscape paintings, drawings, needlework, sculptures, decorative household items, and photographs--all from the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society and never before seen together--will be on display to illustrate the practical and emotional bonds between dogs, cats, and people and how those connections have changed or endured over time.

Your dog or cat can be in this exhibit! Submit a photograph of your pet to be displayed in the Cats & Dogs Gallery, which features photographs of beloved cats and dogs from the 1800s to today. Upload your photograph at

For a $10 donation (payable online), a 5" x 7" photograph of your cat or dog will be displayed in the gallery. A larger donation will receive a larger photograph. For more information, check out our original Kickstarter page that got this project started.