Attack of Culp's Hill - Wounded Converge on the Lady Farm CSA Field Hospital

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Make your way to the Daniel Lady Farm as the 1st North Carolina retreat from the bloody battle of Culp's Hill.
Dozens of reenactors from the 2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry will recreate the assault and later retreat of the 1st North Carolina Infantry as it engaged Union forces on Culp's Hill. The attacking reenactors will follow the actual footsteps the unit took on July 2, 1863.

The simulation will begin at 8am from the Lady Farm and march to Pardee Field. At Pardee Field, the 1st North Carolina Medical Corps will employ movie-quality make-up to inflict a wide variety of wounds on the troops. At 11 a.m., as the retreat begins near Spangler’s Spring, the Daniel Lady Farm Field Hospital will open to the public. The restored house and barn were Confederate field hospitals during the battle and its aftermath. Spectators will be able to view the retreat from park property on Benner’s Ridge and see the soldiers arrive back at the Lady Farm.

Spectators will not be permitted on private property along the route. Upon arrival at the farm, the wounded will be moved through triage stations and receive simulated treatment, including realistic surgery and amputation, followed by recovery. The hospital living history will continue until 5 p.m.

For more information visit our website or contact Commander Robert Sonntag at 407-575-2355 or email This event is hosted by the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association and the Florida Regimental Medical Department.