Abigail & John: A Life in Letters

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Meet John and Abigail Adams! Our hands-on workshop will introduce participants to this famous couple and their rich correspondence. What can these letters tell us about life in the late eighteenth century, especially those connected to the creation of the United States? We will analyze primary sources related to topics such as education, women’s rights, and the challenges John and Abigail faced as a young family living through a revolution. Participants will have the opportunity to view treasures from the Society’s collections and tour the Abigail Adams Birthplace in Weymouth.

Educators can earn 22.5 PDPs, as well as 1 graduate credit (for an additional $75).


July 14 @ the Massachusetts Historical Society

  • Learn more about John and Abigail Adams and their connections to the American Revolution.
  • View original Adams documents and artifacts from the Society's collections.
  • Try your hand at transcribing eighteenth-century Adams letters and diaries.

July 15 -- Reading Day on your own

July 16 @ the Abigail Adams Birthplace

  • Explore treasures from the collections of the Abigail Adams Historical Society.
  • Tour the Abigail Adams Birthplace
  • Analyze documents from the 1770s and 1780s, and explore the relationships forged between Thomas Jefferson and different members of the Adams family.