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  • State organizations—the Massachusetts and Kentucky State Historical Societies
  • Preservation organizations—Historic New England, the Newport Preservation Restoration Foundation, the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund
  • Historic sites—the Old South Meeting House, the Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site
  • Historic ships—USS Iowa
  • Museums—the USS Constitution Museum, the Neon Museum
  • Living history museums and open air museums—Old Sturbridge Village, the Heritage Square Museum
  • House museums—Ventfort Hall Mansion and Gilded Age MuseumBrucemore
  • Associations—New England Museum Association, the American Association for State and Local History
  • Local historical societies—the Marlborough Historical Society, the Peoria Historical Society
  • Foundations—the Freedom Trail Foundation
  • And a wide variety of other history-related sites and organizations—the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Research Library, Wayside InnBread and Roses Heritage Committee

List your programs, annual events, talks, walks, signings, reenactments, conferences, and more.  When you do, your events will be included automatically in the new weekly lists of history events that are being sent to subscribers on a state by state basis.  First up: Massachusetts.  Learn more and find out how you can get a list started for organizations in your state.

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Every repeating pattern we've ever seen.

This makes it fast and easy to add events of all types.

Our standing challenge: If you have a repeating event that isn't covered, let us know and we'll add the repeating pattern and feature your event in our Twitter stream for a week.

On The History List, you can include unlimited text, photos, and videos.


Every event has its own page.

This means that you only have to enter annual events once—forever.

Then just sign in and update any information that is new.  


Unlimited text, photos, and videos.

Bring your organization and events to life.

You have all the room you need to communicate the excitement of your event so that you draw a crowd.  And it's copy-and-paste simple to add text, upload photos, and embed video.



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This makes it easy for all types and sizes of organizations.

Whether you are an all-volunteer organization or a large, staffed organization, anyone who is signed in—staff, interns, volunteers—can add an event or update an existing listing, regardless of who entered it originally. 

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The History List handles multiple locations


Each organization and location or property has its own page. 

This makes it well-suited to organizations that manage multiple sites.

Easily add each as a separate location, with the description, photos, hours, and events for each location. 


Events appear at the bottom of every organization and location page



Events are listed automatically at the bottom of every organization and location page.







The Freedom Trail Foundation talking about The History List


The largest list of history-related events across the country. 

Including organizations just like yours.

History and living history museums, house museums, historic sites, historical societies and commissions, historic preservation organizations, reenactment groups, genealogy organizations, and other history-related organizations list events, programs, special exhibits, scheduled walks and tours, reenactments, professional meetings and conferences, summer camps, performances, concerts, and holiday programs.

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Make this holiday historic!


Raise awareness of your holiday events.

Add your holiday events to be highlighted on The History List.

This year's "Make this holiday historic!" campaign also includes materials you can print out and use to merchandise your holiday events, gifts, and gift membership.  There is no cost, and they're available to download now.


"I'm incredibly imporessed."

And many more. 


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