What people are saying about The History List


“The History List is quickly becoming a pioneer on the web for historical institutions.
Everything we are looking to share with the public is at our finger tips, easy to use, and well thought out.”

Jodie McMenamin
Development Officer, USS Constitution Museum


“The Massachusetts Historical Society offers most more than 100 public programs and events each year. What makes The History List different is its targeted approach. It is an easy-to-use online resource that connects history enthusiasts to history-related events and programs.”

Carol Knauff
Director of Communications, Massachusetts Historical Society


"The History List and their weekly e-mail with upcoming history events in Massachusetts provides an invaluable service to area museums and historical organizations in getting the word out about our events and exhibits. The site is easy to use--and free!—and they’ve been very responsive to us."

Michelle M. Coughlin, Museum Administrator
The Gibson House Museum, Boston


"Each year, Historic New England presents hundreds of public events and programs at dozens of sites in five states. Unlike other event-listing websites, by focusing exclusively on history, The History List connects our events to a highly targeted audience and helps that audience understand the full range of our offerings."

Rob Watson
Marketing Manager, Historic New England


“There are plenty of calendar services available online, but only The History List caters specifically to the history community. Their event-listing services are intuitive and easy, their creators are smart and friendly, and our ability to communicate with like-minded individuals and institutions about our events and programming has never been easier because of them. I’d tell any history-related organization, if you aren’t using The History List, you’re overlooking an extremely useful and effective tool.”

Matt Wilding
Media & Content Manager, The Freedom Trail Foundation


"I am so glad that we discovered The History List – I think this will be a great way to advertise our events to interested parties. We hold many free events throughout the year and are always searching for ways to reach a like-minded audience.”

Gabrielle Passaro
Education Assistant at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (Boston)


"Adding our events and exhibits to The History List and getting them in the weekly 'Guide to History Events in Iowa' give us an easy way to reach and attract new people who are interested in history and historic sites."

Tara Richards
Marketing and Program Director at Brucemore (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


"I can't say enough about The History List. The website is absolutely fabulous -- clean, logical, easy to post to and easy to navigate -- and the staff is amazingly responsive, helpful and proactive.  I'm so happy it was brought to my attention."

Paul Basile
Curator General of the Italian American Veterans Museum (Stone Park, Illinois)


"Getting the word out to the public about history events is difficult.  All of many history organizations in Massachusetts are after the same subgroup of the general population.  These intellectually curious adults and the history organizations that serve them need an easy, friendly way to find information.  The weekly 'History Events in Massachusetts' newsletter serves as this conduit to our audience."

Rose A. Doherty, President 
The Partnership of the Historic Bostons


"I just heard about The History List and can't believe I didn't know about this amazing resource sooner.  Clearly, it will be a boon to museums and historic sites as locals will use it to find  events close to them.  But it will also be good for travelers."

Monta Lee Dakin, Executive Director
Mountain-Plains Museums Association (Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming)


"The History List has many great features, and one of the best is that it is not a static site. If event or tour details change, it’s easy to log in and share updates with their national audience."

Elizabeth Sulock
Manager of Public Outreach & Living History, Newport Historical Society


"Thanks for your great efforts in making a place on the web for historical institutions such as Battleship Iowa."

Barry Herlihy
Manager at Battleship IOWA


"I'm always looking for new ways to promote our events and programs and it seems like the History List is a great place to do it."

Laurie Nivison
Director of Marketing, Historic Deerfield (Deerfield, Massachusetts)


"The History List is a great site!  We’re looking forward to participating."

Rena Lawrence
Educator and Collections Manager, Log Cabin Village (Fort Worth, Texas)


"If readers aren’t familiar with The History List, it’s an easy way to promote your events online in very clever and engaging ways."

Max A. van Balgooy
President of Engaging Places, a consulting firm working with historic sites, museums, and other cultural institutions


"This is great. Thanks!  I’d love to put this in the hands of our authors. Many of them are giving lectures, book talks and signings at history organizations."

Katie Parry
Publicity, The History Press


"This is so cool. The History List has events ("bring you face to face with history") listed on its website according to date - and if you input your city, it will also tell you the distance from your home. So you can find fun events (or if you are a history-related organization, post fun events) with as much information as possible."

Lauren Muney
Silhouettes By Hand, on Facebook


"@TheHistoryList Just "discovered" you! What an asset to SM and history. TY."

Jane M. Mason
Director of Communications and Marketing, Western Reserve Historical Society (Cleveland, Ohio) on Twitter


"Thanks for the invitation, love to and love your idea of promoting historic events!"

Granite Falls Historical Society (Granite Falls, MN)  on Facebook


"I'm incredibly impressed.  I do a ton of these events calendars and I dread them because a. they are all different b. they don't give enough flexibility (different hours on different days for example) and c. I'm forever scrolling or hitting enter or doing some other forbidden action that messes up my entries or causing me to get red errors all over the place.  You even let me change font size, bold my text, etc . . . You've created an easy to use, flexible, attractive site."

Anne Grasberger
Volunteer, Goschenhoppen Historians Henry Antes Plantation and the Goschenhoppen Historians Folk Festival


"Check out this fantastic website for The History List! I love this concept—all history events, all the time. What a great resource for travelers who are interested in heritage tourism."

Steph McDougal
Founder of McDoux Preservation (Kemah, Texas) on Facebook


There is no cost to list your organization and events, and anyone who is signed in—staff, interns, volunteers—can add or edit.  Get started now. 

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