Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site

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Washington on the Brazos SHS


Known as the birthplace of Texas, the park is centered on the historic town site of old Washington.  Situated beautifully amidst 300 sprawling acres the park features walking trails, scenic viewpoints, a museum, living history farm, History tours, and gift shop. 

The focal point of the park is the replica of Independence Hall, rebuilt on the site of the original, it bring to life one of the most important events in Texas history - the signing of the Declaration of Independence of 1836.

 The Star of the Republic Museum (http://www.starmuseum.org/) features thousands of artifacts spread over 2 floors, as well as a 20 minute movie " Once a Nation".  The museum is very family friendly with many interactive displays and a discovery room geared towards younger learners.

Another feature of the park is Barrington Living History Farm (http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/washington-on-the-brazos/barrington-living-history-farm).  Centered around the 1844 home of the last President of Texas, Anson Jones, the farm is a full functioning 19th century cotton farm, based off the notes of the Jones family.  Our staff work the farm in full period dress, and perform their daily chores as if it was still 1850.  Farm activities very with the seasons.

The park also hosts a variety of special events on topics such as:  Butchering, medicine, leather work, blacksmithing, gardening, hearth cooking, etc..  a full calendar should be available on our website.  Our two biggest events of the year are:

Texas Independence Celebration - hosted on the weekend closest to March 2nd- a two-day festival featuring music, historic demonstrations and reenactments.  All admission fees will be waived during the celebration weekend. Food vendors selling a variety of festival foods will be on site.

Independence Hall at Washington-on-the-Brazos is the place where representatives of the people of Texas met to decide their fate and all Texans’ future. On March 2, 1836, 59 delegates to the convention listened to George Childress enumerate their grievances against the government of Mexico and the tyrannical rule of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

The delegates were embroiled in a revolution and faced an uncertain future when they met to declare Texas a free and independent republic and created a constitution for the fledgling nation.  To honor their sacrifice and dedication, a special commemorative ceremony will open and close Saturday’s and Sunday’s festivities.  Additionally the weekend will have live music, arts and crafts, various military and black powder demonstrations, guest speakers, and a Texas sized birthday cake.

The 4th of July:  a fireworks display sponsored by H-E-B grocery stores, Coca-cola , and Blue Bell Ice cream.  A day of family fun with music and games, a Texas Tradition.

Washington on the Brazos invites you to join us monthly as our sites host special programs.  On the second Saturday of the month Fanthorp Inn offers stage coach rides.  On the third week end of the month Independence Hall puts on two separate history programs covering a wide variety of topics -check our calendar.  And Barrington Farm hosts a special program at least once a month, concerning daily life in early Texas.

The park is also a great place to get in touch with nature, our trails are great places for bird watching (everything from Caracaras to songbirds) and Wildflowers -  we have a 3+ acre section dedicated to the Texas bluebonnet and other well known Texas wildflowers.

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