The 1699 Winslow House & Cultural Center

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The Isaac Winslow House was built circa 1699 for the Hon. Isaac Winslow (1671-1738) at the place named "Careswell" after their family home "Kerswell" in Worcestershire, England. This was the third house built on land granted to Gov. Edward Winslow (1595-1655) in the 1630s who erected the first homestead.

For four generations, the Winslow family owned this property while New England experienced colonial growing pains, war, revolution, and the creation of the United States. The Winslows typified the lifestyle of the landholding colonial gentry, and during the American Revolution the family remained staunchly Loyalist.

In the early 20th century, a group of interested citizens purchased the property (virtually untouched by modernization) and formed the Historic Winslow House Association, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of this classic first period colonial mansion. The 1699 Winslow House provides an outstanding opportunity for the study and discussion of the issues of class, race, family, and politics in a society undergoing tremendous change.