Rebecca Nurse Homestead

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     Experience life in rural Salem Village on 27 beautiful acres! See the only home of a person executed during the Salem Witch Trials open to the public.

     This traditional salt-box home built about 1678 was lived in by the Nurse family until 1784.  In 1909 the home was historically restored and turned into a museum.  Today you can take a guided tour and learn what life was like for the early New England settlers.

     Our  reproduction of the 1672 Salem Village Meeting House is modeled after the building Reverend Parris preached to the Salem Village community. It was also the setting for many of the early events during the witchcraft hysteria. 


The Nurse Cemetery is the final resting place for generations of families who have lived on the property.  According to family tradition   Rebecca Nurse’s children secretly buried her here after her execution.   The burial ground also holds the gravesite of George Jacobs, a man also executed during the Witch Trials.

We are open seasonally for guided tours, please check our website for up to date hours and for more information.