Museum and White House of the Confederacy

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The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond offers three floors of exhibitions, showcasing hundreds of personal belongings from soldiers and civilians; uniforms, flags, military equipment & weapons from battles both famous and obscure; the majority of General Lee’s campaign possessions; and some the most important images, documents and artwork from the Confederate era. The Museum of the Confederacy is the ultimate experience for students of Civil War history.

A National Historic Landmark, the White House of the Confederacy, is located just steps away from the Museum of the Confederacy in downtown Richmond’s historic Court End Neighborhood. The former executive mansion of Jefferson has been meticulously restored to its wartime appearance, when it served as the social, political, and military center of the Confederacy. Guided tours are offered daily.

The Museum also recently opened a site at Appomattox, Va. To learn about visiting all three sites, please visit our website