Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives

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Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives (HMH) was founded in 1820 by protestant missionaries from New England as the “Sandwich Islands Mission.” Now a National Historic Landmark and accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, HMH sits on a one-acre site in the Historic Capital district in downtown Honolulu. HMH preserves Hawai‘i’s two oldest houses, the 1821 Mission House and the 1831 Chamberlain House; a cemetery; and a collections, archives, and library facility. In 2011, a coral and grass performance venue were added, hosting 22 weeks of theater and mele (music) performances a year. A reconstructed hale pili (grass home) will be completed in 2019. 

The 2019 Hawaiian Mission Houses New England Tour will visit sixteen New England locations and is devoted to commemorating the Bicentennial of this remarkable alliance, exploring and showcasing the Hawaiian-New England story and its impact on Hawaiian history. 

Please view the Press Kit here.

For more information about HMH, visit www.missionhouses.org/about or call HMH information at (808) 447-3910.