Everett Mill, Sixth Floor Gallery

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A Proud Heritage

Looking out over the newly formed City of Lawrence in 1864 from Prospect Hill you would see the beautiful Stone Mill, built by the stone quarried from the North Canal, the row houses and churches serving the new immigrant population, and the prominent eagle atop City Hall. By 1906, the Everett Mills stretched down four blocks of Union Street, employing hundreds of international workers producing Everett Classics, Shirtings and Denims. In 1912 the Bread and Roses Strike would unfold on the steps to the Mill – Militia staged in the yard between the Stone and Everett Mills ready to disperse the crowd of workers. As the textile industry in the Northeast waned, the Everett Mills complex became a place for diversity of manufacturing industries. Retail, office and technology uses followed reflecting changes in the region, and economy.  Today, we continue to meet the needs of business, offering ample space, a diverse employment base and incentives complementing today’s challenging environment.