Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate

100 Robert Treat Paine Dr, Waltham, Massachusetts

Robert Treat Paine Estate, Waltham, Massachusetts. Exterior view / Daderot


According to the website:

"Stonehurst," the romantic name the Paine family chose for their 109-acre country place, paid homage to the elemental beauty of their stony, glaciated land on a “wooded hill,” or hurst in old English. Completed in 1886, Stonehurst is a masterpiece of integrated design created by two Boston-based visionaries, architect Henry Hobson Richardson and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, whose work continues to inspire culturally and environmentally sensitive design. The splendid integration of house, interiors and grounds at Stonehurst anticipated the unified organic architecture practiced by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 20th century.

Invisible from the street, Stonehurst sits on a secluded hilltop site amidst 109 acres of public conservation land – away from it all, and yet so close to home.

Visit Stonehurst often throughout the seasons. Explore the breathtaking interiors with permanent exhibits, climb Glacier Rock, enjoy the rolling Olmsted-designed acres, or hike on a branch of the new Western Greenway Trail. Each time you will see it in a new light.



Source: Stonehurst: The Robert Treat Paine Estate, Photo

Updated July 2, 2018

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