Kings Mountain National Military Park

2625 Park Road, Blacksburg, SC

Kings Mountain National Military Park

Date of Battle: October 7, 1780

The Battle

After taking South Carolina, British officers attempt to raise a Tory army in North Carolina. Patriot and loyalist militia face off at Kings Mountain. The decisive American victory virtually ends efforts to recruit loyalists to take back North Carolina.

Visiting the Battleground

Kings Mountain National Military Park preserves the site of the battle of Kings Mountain, an important American victory during the Revolutionary War. The battle of Kings Mountain was one of the few major battles of the war fought entirely between Americans – no British troops fought in the battle.

Address: 2625 Park Road, Blacksburg, SC (GPS systems may not recognize the park address. Be sure to check the Kings Mountain National Military Park web site for directions.)

Entrance fee: None

The park visitor center includes a live-action theater film and a museum with exhibits, including audio inside walk-in trees that resemble the 1780 battlefield.

You can explore the battlefield via a 1.5-mile self-guiding walking trail that enables visitors to see both perspectives of the battlefield. The trail winds below the northern slope of a ridge, the site of a Patriot assault. It also runs along the ridge where the Loyalists forces surrendered. Information about the battle is provided on wayside exhibits along the trail.

On October 7th, the Park honors those who fought at Kings Mountain by holding a wreath laying ceremony at the US Monument and a program in the amphitheater at 3:00, the time the battle began.

Check the Kings Mountain National Military Park web site for information on hours of operation.

Don’t Miss! 

In the visitor center museum, you can see an original Ferguson Rifle – one of very few such rifles in a museum collection.

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Contributor: This list of major Revolutionary War Battles and descriptions was written by Michael Troy, the creator and host of the American Revolution Podcast, who selected these sites and described the battles.

Photo: National Park Service, public domain.

Editor: Creation of this trip, including additional research on visiting these historic sites by Donna Keesling, editor at The History List.

Updated April 8, 2022

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